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Discovering you have become the top story on the internet for the wrong reasons woulb be a nightmare for many business owner. Sometimes, a case of poor customer service can bring you a bad review, while in another a disgruntled former employee could be criticizing your brand. Bad reviews could even be a competitor’s attempt to discredit you. In any case, failing to manage your online reputation can lead to disastrous results.

The worst-case scenario is not finding out about the bad reviews or posts before the damage is done. This is why it is vital to work with an expert who specializes in online reputation management an can utilize proactive monitoring strategies to handle poor reviews.

Bad reviews need careful online management

The last thing you should do if you receive a poor review on Yelp or TripAdvisor is to respond negatively. When you have an unhappy customer, you must shift the debate rapidly towards setting things right.

An effective strategy includes remaining calm, responding promptly, personalizing your response to the person, apologizing (even if you don’t believe you’re wrong!), being empathetic and above all, asking the customer to give you a good review after the problem has been resolved.

Although every business has its bad days, they are no reason to end up with a bad reputation.

Unhappy employees can use insider knowledge to harm your online reputation

There is almost no limit to the harm that an unhappy employee can inflict. From setting up and hosting attack sites, to contacting your customer base and inviting them to talk badly of you online, an ex-employee can seriously hurt your business.

Ways to deal with unhappy former workers include having a code of conduct that allows you to both respond promptly and point to the fact that your former staffer entertains a strong personal opinion. Rapid response is vital, as it stops the proliferation of negative commentary or at least punctuates it with proper replies. This makes it crucial that your response is public.

A major mistake made by those who do not have an effective online reputation management partner is to try to resolve issues offline without first establishing a positive, professional presence online. This misstep can leave the employee with the entire Internet as their playground.


Manage your media presence before someone else does

There are endless stories of fake accounts spreading false information about businesses. Social accounts get hacked and business websites are not always adequately safeguarded. A strong online reputation management structure allows you to avoid most of the risks and manage the others.

Online reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy. Working with a professional partner such as SEO Toronto means that you can rely on our expertise to strengthen your online reputation and feel confident that you are in control of your online presence.

Why Does Online Reputation Management Matter?

It is surprising that many businesses believe online reputation management poses no problem for them, when every gossip magazine, trade paper and social media channel is constantly exposing various online reputation management failures. If they cannot be avoided, they should be managed with care to maintain a good reputation.

Branding is established through online reputation

Businesses invest in creating brand identity, but they must recognize that social media play a major part in how their brand is perceived. A reputation management specialist will be proactive, so that he can support positive information provided by customers and counteract negative comments.

Most organizations need an experienced partner to assist them. But what support is necessary to ensure dissatisfied customers’ comments do not go viral? How do you change the message so that people are willing to work with you? For many businesses, these questions require expert advice in order to reach the great online reputation they deserve, and to maintain it.

Integrate online reputation management from day one

Expensive PR is just one problem for a startup, but customers also often don’t want to change their current behaviour because a new business seems too risky. This dilemma can lead to failure. Although few people think of online reputation management as the answer, it does however play a significant part.

Effective online reputation management allows even the smallest business to generate positive information about its products and services. Each good review or enthusiastic comment can be nurtured into a strong social media presence with the help of an expert in online reputation management. In the long run, it is much more cost effective than dealing with bad online reputation. 

An online reputation management partner will help you to generate good reviews and create a positive buzz that will follow your company online.

Finding a partner to help with your online reputation needs

Online reputation management develops brand identity, helps new organizations grow and thrive, and creates a greater digital footprint. There are three reasons why it really matters, and why working with a specialist partner in online reputation management can help your business grow faster, better, and more cost-effectively. Contact now and discover just how much we have to offer in terms of online reputation management.

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