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Keyword research is the backbone of every successful SEO campaign. Our thorough keyword research process makes sure that we target the right keywords to give your website content the edge it needs to dominate the first page of Google.
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Behind every good SEO campaign is a thorough keyword research initiative. At SEO Toronto, we provide professional keyword research services to help you identify the best keywords in your niche.

You can count on the SEO Toronto team for keyword research services. As SEO specialists, we use the most popular SEO software and tools. We pair our findings with manual research and knowledge accumulated from our years of experience to identify your keywords and develop an overarching strategy.

When you enlist our help for keyword research, we dig deep and use your keywords to build out a content marketing strategy that will place you on page one of Google.

Keyword Research Process

Our keyword research process starts with identifying the keywords you are naturally ranking for. Then, we dive in to identify and optimize for your top targeted keywords. These are keywords that have high intent and are searched by visitors ready to take action. This action can be booking your service or buying your product.

Next, we identify informational search queries that are more research or question-based. These are the “how-to” or “tip” based keywords that provide your business with credibility and help to educate your leads and move them along their buying journey. 

Once we have compiled our keyword research, we consult with you to ensure that these keywords align with your company goals. 

After you confirm and approve your keywords, we utilize your keywords to execute a high-level SEO campaign involving a content calendar, on-page optimization, and link building.

Professional Keyword Research Services

As SEO specialists with years of experience executing successful SEO campaigns, we know that in-depth keyword research is necessary to rank on page one. We do detailed keyword research in order to discover both ‘action keywords’ and ‘informational search queries,’ and build out a detailed content plan based on these findings.

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Competitive Keyword Research

When we do keyword research, we always consider your competitors — the ones you already know, and the ones you probably didn’t even know existed. After we identify the keywords you are already ranking for and identify the ones you want to (and will) rank for, we do a competitor analysis. We discover the competitors who are already ranking for these keywords, identify their keyword density and backlinks, and assess the other factors that contribute to their ranking.

Long Tail Keywords

While your primary keywords are your “money keywords,” your supplementary (and even sometimes tertiary keywords) like long-tail keywords can help to support these keywords. We utilize long-tail keywords (keywords of 4 words or more) to develop SEO blog topic ideas as well as landing page content that can help support the parent keyword or keywords your site is looking to rank for.

According to Impactbnd, the click-through rates of long-tail keyword searches are 3% to 5% higher than generic searches. Long-tail keywords are typically search based or “how-to” keywords that invite you to answer key questions within your content. These keywords help us to identify the type of content and topics your site needs to cover to nab that number one spot on Google’s first page.

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Search Volume

When we do keyword research, a major factor we take into consideration is search volume — how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase? What else are they searching for?

We create a content calendar with these keywords in mind. This calendar is designed to balance content topics based on lower volume search terms that will be easier to rank for with content optimized for more competitive money-making keywords.

Our SEO managers put their strategizing hats on to create a content calendar with intentional topics for our SEO content specialists to write about. Armed with a killer keyword strategy and carefully planned content calendar, we are able to create content that ranks for various keywords.

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Local SEO

Our keyword research initiative identifies any relevant geo-targeted keywords based on locations that you serve or are looking to serve. We identify the geo-targeted keywords to develop and implement your local SEO campaign

Using your geo-targeted keywords, we are able to expand your content calendar, provide link building using local-based sites, and implement citations for location-specific business listings.

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Keyword Analysis

We don’t present you with your keywords, get your site ranking, and then leave you. We know that SEO is about fresh, updated content — and that SEO never stays stagnant. We do consistent keyword analysis to identify any new keywords or changes in trends or algorithms that may sway the directions of your keywords.

SEO Keyword Research Experts

Our team of SEO specialists boast years of experience in the industry. We have all strategized, created, and implemented successful SEO campaigns — and we are enthusiastic about doing the same for you! Our years in the business have allowed us to develop a specific skill set that we use to deliver the best possible keyword research services.

Keyword Research Tools

Our SEO specialists use all the popular SEO software and tools to do efficient, detailed, and reputable keyword research. We use a variety of popular software on a day to day basis to do keyword research, audits, and craft SEO campaigns for our clients:

Lead Generation

Our keyword research allows us to develop and implement specific and intricate SEO campaigns to help you rank for money-making keywords. This can help you to generate leads when you rank for keywords searched by people ready to invest in a service or product. When equipped with engaging content, you are able to generate a higher volume of leads that, with your luck, you’ll be able to convert into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keyword Research

Keyword research refers to the process of finding, analyzing, and identifying the search terms that have search volume (I.e, terms people are actually searching.) Our SEO specialists use this research to develop intricate SEO campaigns and integrate these findings into efforts like link building, local SEO, on-page SEO, content, and more.

Keyword research is the basis of every SEO campaign. It helps you to identify the keywords with the highest search volumes, the ones your competitors are ranking for, the ones that you are already rank for, and the ones you need to rank for. With our help, you will be ranking for these terms in no time.

Keyword research is what allows us to create informed SEO campaigns for your business to help you get your rankings where you want them to be.

The amount of time spent on keyword research is largely based on the volume of keywords in your niche, the size of your website, pages, and more. Every website and niche is different so there is no set answer, but when you work with us you can trust that our specialists will work their hardest to provide findings and results efficiently, and promptly.

We typically extend our keyword process to consult with you and ensure that the keywords we’ve identified make sense for your business model and intentions. Our SEO specialists also offer keyword analysis for ongoing updates and additional opportunities within a campaign.

We do keyword research by using SEO software that shows us the search volume of certain terms, and the keywords a website and its competitors are already ranking for. In addition, we do a manual search of ranking competitors and the keywords they are already ranking for. Keyword research is time-consuming but highly rewarding, which is why we offer professional keyword research services to help you streamline your SEO campaign.

The cost of our keyword research services can be seen on our pricing list.

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