Link Building Services

Link building remains THE most important part of any SEO campaign. Earn high authority & niche relevant backlinks with our guaranteed link building deliverables.

What is Link Building?

Link building is defined as the process of getting other websites to “link” to your website. The more niche relevant, high quality and authoritative websites that link to you; the more authoritative and powerful your site becomes! 

Think of each link as a vote of popularity in the eyes of Google’s algorithm; the more votes you get the better. Each vote is not weighed equally, so the more links you get from high Domain Authority (DA) sites with real traffic, the more ‘link juice’ gets passed onto your site. Each link is a direct signal of authority to Google from one website to another. 

Links are literally like food for Google & the search engines, and each link acts as a direct signal of authority from one website to another. These days, it’s all about quality over quantity. That’s why focusing on high quality, ethical and sustainable link building services still remains one of the most integral parts of any SEO campaign. 

Professional Link Building Company

Links, links, links! If you’ve ever done any research about SEO, you know that link building is one of the most crucial parts of SEO. It’s also one of the hardest; the most time consuming, the most expensive and the most frustrating… and that’s why you need a professional link building company.

We’ve been link building for over 13 years, all the way back to 2008. Sure, a LOT has changed over the years in terms of link building strategies, anchor text optimization and other specifics but we’ve survived every single Google algorithm and come out thriving.

We take a lot of pride in being one of the best link building companies in Toronto and across Canada. With over 100+ clients, we’ve serviced every vertical and niche and will continue to keep crushing it for our growing list of happy clients.

Professional Link Building Company

Guaranteed Link Building Deliverables

The reason we’ve had so much success is pretty simple; because we’ve been doing it for so long. We’ve built 1000’s upon 1000’s of links over the years and through that process have established tons of amazing relationships with bloggers, website owners, media publication brokers, webmasters and more.

We leverage those relationships and actually guarantee different link building deliverables at specific pricing points. We know the types of content our growing network of bloggers need and we match up your business with them month over month and get you those coveted backlinks.

The average SEO company doesn’t even talk about links the way we do; because they either don’t have the connections; or aren’t going to take the time and effort it requires to truly engage in a full scale link building campaign.

Check out our link building packages on our Pricing Page or get in touch with one of our SEO strategists today to get your campaign started.

Link Building Strategies

There are tons of link building strategies that are applicable for any business. Our affordable link building services mainly focus on Guest Blog Posting and Local Directory Citations as those are the most powerful and ethical links that are really going to move the needle on your SEO rankings. Read on for more information and insights:

Guest Blog Posting

Outreach Link Building

Similar to guest blog posting, the outreach link building strategy is the process of reaching out to website owners and bloggers and asking them to include a backlink to your site. Ideally, you are asking them to include your website as a resource in one of their existing blogposts or resource guides. But it can also open up the conversation that will then allow you to submit a guest blogpost as well. It’s all about establishing those connections and turning them into successful link building relationships!

Competitive Backlink Analysis

This link building strategy is the process of analyzing the source of your competitors’ backlinks and identifying what strategies are working well for them. Perhaps they’ve got a bunch of educational .edu links or high PR links/pickups. This is the process of how we reverse engineer what is working well for the competition and then make strategic insights on what strategies should be included in your link building campaign.

Local Directory Citations

Media Distribution Links

Wrote an amazing blogpost? Fantastic! Now take that content and:

  1. Turn it into a short video
  2. Turn it into an infographic
  3. Turn it into a PowerPoint presentation

Then you take each new piece of media that you’ve created, and syndicate that across the top media sharing platforms that allow you to post. An amazing, high quality list of sites and domains is ready for the taking and that’s where our media distribution link building technique delivers an additional source of backlinks for your campaign.

Some of Our Happy Clients

Logos happy clients: Kijiji, Shoppers Drug Mart, Audible, Sleep Country, Long & McQuade, and Wayfair

Frequently Asked Questions About Link Building

The only reason we can guarantee link building deliverables at specific pricing points is because we already have 1000’s of bloggers and sites in our database. We know the kind of content they want; we know the formatting they want it in. In some cases, we’ve worked with these bloggers for many years and as such, we get preferential treatment and are then able to pass those savings onto our clients.

100%. We take creating content very seriously. As part of your campaign kick-off we have a detailed client intake form where we get to learn more about your brand. That is then reviewed by one of our SEO strategists along with our Content Manager, from there we book a 30 minute kick off call to learn even more about your brand, what voice/tone you want and any other pertinent information.

All link building content is sent to clients for review and approval, and we handle any necessary revisions. We want our clients to be proud of the content we create for them.

This thorough process ensures we pump out only high quality and engaging blog posts that fuel our link building efforts and open up doors with bloggers and media publications that would otherwise be closed.

Due to the nature of our close relationships, we prefer that our SEO strategists handle the selection of the bloggers and websites. We have strict metrics that we follow in order to pre-qualify any blogger so rest assured that we will only be placing high quality links as part of your link building campaign.

We look at the Domain Authority (DA) of the site, the Page Authority (PA) which are both taken from We also look at Domain Rating (DR) and Monthly Organic Traffic (MOT) which are taken from We also look at niche relevancy, cache dates, cleanliness/formatting of the websites and other metrics as part of our thorough review to ensure that the site is up to our strict standards.

Like any SEO efforts, link building services do take a while in order to start seeing results. But it all depends on your current rankings and link building portfolio. If you are on page one already or close to page one, you can expect an immediate impact within 1-3 months. If you are on the second page, you can expect fantastic results in 4-6 months.

One of our SEO strategists will outline the timeline of expectations for your campaign once we identify your targeted keywords as part of our Four Step SEO Process.

Typically, yes! Link building is like any other marketing channel, if you stop engaging in it eventually it will dry up. The rate at which you need to execute on link building is determined by how competitive your niche is. Building links is a marathon, not a race. Over time, you will need to ensure your link velocity is on par with or better than your competitors to ensure you will always have the top rankings for your targeted keywords.

We recommend booking in a free consultation to speak with one of our SEO strategists and we will review and provide insights on what link building packages make the most sense for your website. We quote based on the:

  • number of keywords
  • competitiveness of those keywords
  • where you currently rank
  • internally, what are your goals and expectations for increased rankings?

Check out our Pricing Page for more information.

Many clients expand their link building budget with us over time. We always tell our clients, “start small, grow big”. Nothing wrong with starting small, testing us out and then ramping up over time.

All of our SEO and link building packages are month-to-month with a 30 day cancellation policy, so you are free to cancel at any time if you need too. Keep in mind we are always here to help and we understand the need to be flexible and have the ability to scale up or scale down if need be.