3 Tips to Increase Your Rate of Conversion

The quality of your life is equal to the quality of the questions you ask. Your greatest time drain can be your sales copy. Sales copy is beyond essential; it is the oxygen of your business, and it demands a considerable amount of time and effort.

Raleway.Why waste time training sales reps that complain and ask for commission advances when you can create a great piece of content that works for you 24/7? So the question is… how can you improve your rate of conversion?

Create a Comprehensive Video Sales Letter

What is a Video Sales Letter?

It basically is an old school long form letter broken up into mini “slides” that go by rapidly. This forces the viewer to read every word of the sales copy, instead of just skimming as people generally do when reading traditional marketing materials.

The key is to combine traditional sales pages with VSLS and webinars for the most impact. In the “pop corn generation” that we live in you have to give your customer options. Some like to read, some like to watch.

The key is you must provide the option that matches the customer. Companies using video Require 37% less victors to achieve the same results as companies not using video.

65% of Agencies Experience Higher Marketing Generated Revenue on the Same Amount of Website Visitors, due to High Conversions to Response Rates. Reports Regarding an average cost per marketing generated lead. Result in a reduction of 19% compared to traditional media.

The Video Sales Letter quite possibly is the most cost effective piece of marketing strategy that can ever be implement into the growth rate of a business. A proper Video Sales Letter serves as a standing sales rep for your company working 24/7 answering Frequently Asked Questions on Behalf of your customers.

If you don’t have a Video Sales Specialist on your staff hire the proper Content Growth Hacker on your team to provide you with the ongoing scaleable support.

Focus On Conversion Rates

You’ve heard this one before: “All I Need I Traffic to my Website and I’ll be a millionaire and never work again.”


The best way to get traffic is to have a video sales letter that converts. Use the story of Jon Benson as an example. When he got started with his diet book website he had zero traffic. In 30 days he had super affiliates sending him millions a month on traffic to his page.

His secret?

He allocated his energy on increasing his Conversion Rates.

When you hire an a long term copywriter or Content Growth Hacker you are bringing someone on to your team for the sole purpose of increasing your bottom line and increasing conversions.

A Master Copywriter is capable of drawing the pain out of the market place and delivering it through his written salesmanship.

When you have a piece of content that converts trust and believe me when I tell you that the traffic will take care of itself. Imagine if you created the cure for cancer that works in pill form in less than 30 minutes. Consider that irresistible offer to be as important as your copy.

When your marketing message matches your irresistible offer; conversions multiply.

Leverage the Laws of Reciprocity

Before selling anything through any medium the most important thing to do is earn the prospects confidence and trust. Marketing is more about education than it is about salesmanship.

When your copy or video sales letter delivers answers questions, solves problems and delivers value… payment is soon to follow.

You can’t start pitching out the gate. You have to provide value first.

Although the obligation to repay construes the essence of the reciprocity rule it is the obligation to receive that makes the law so easy to exploit. Use this fundamental law in all forms of sales and marketing to increase your rate of conversion.

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