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Why Work With SEO Toronto To Increase Your Sales?

SEO Toronto is quickly winning clients all across Canada, backed by our impressive client portfolio and long-lasting proven results.
Our name has been recognized as a leader in SEO since our conception in 2001.


If you want more organic traffic, leads and revenue, we are here to help. Our search engine optimization service will get your business on page one of Google and other search engines.

Great knowledge of search engine algorithms is key to developing an effective strategy. Our team of SEO experts have been industry players for more than 12 years and have the experience necessary to create a customized SEO campaign for your business.

Your brand visibility will increase as well as your market position. You will receive a lot of free traffic and email submissions so your sales will grow, and you can count on a great return on your investment. Studies show that the top spot organic spot on the first page of Google searches gets the majority of the traffic because it is in the direct field of vision of the end user.


In your online store, your most important keywords pertain to your products, but also pertain to the brand recognition of your store.

We have more than 12 years behind us conducting key phrase research and can provide you with traffic scores for each of the keywords we discover. We provide sales forecasting based on these traffic scores.

Our experienced SEO experts have optimized many e-commerce sites and will ensure that the correct page of your website is used as the landing page to deliver products and services to your end user. In other words, it is crucial to choose the right page of your website to direct to. Once we have chosen the corresponding landing page, we will increase your conversion ratios by applying the proper actions.


If your business relies on customers within a particular geographical area, we will create a multiple organic listing by capturing the top spot on Google Maps. We will then combine that with the top organic spot giving you multiple exposures to the first page of Google.

Our experienced team will ensure your business is found in local searches and is visible on Google Maps in the top spot (A). Improving your Google Maps listing by encouraging positive reviews and receiving citations from authoritative websites and portals are all a part of our local SEO package.

It’s important that your website receive get high rankings organically and on Google Maps so you can maximize your exposure on the first page of Google. Our motto: “The more times they see you on the first page, the higher the chance they will click on your result.” We call this multiple-organic listing.


When the on-site optimization of a website is perfected, each language alternative of the website can be optimized for multiple languages. Optimizing for language alternatives will ensure higher ranking in bilingual or trilingual environments..

Ensuring a seamless transition between multiple languages will keep your website ranking high internationally. Even the link building that we do for your off-site SEO will be in the proper language: English links pointing to English pages for English results, French links pointing to French pages for French results, and Spanish links pointing to Spanish pages for Spanish results.

Making sure your website is visible globally from targeted areas anywhere in the world is all a part of our process.

About Brooklyn
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As one of the top SEO agencies in Toronto today, we can create and manage customized and effective strategies to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our skilled and experienced team will use their knowledge to grow your business by:

Utilizing 12 years of Experience and Collaboration

Each and every person on our team has worn all the hats with regard to campaign execution. We have acquired all the skills requisite for designing systematic processes to acheive great results for any business.

Ranking Top on Search Engines Quickly

Our primary goal is to rank you first on Google search results. Our approach and strategy ensures that you will almost always rank above your competition.

Improving the Conversion Rate of Your Website 10X

One of the best ways to increase your revenue is by increasing the percentage of visitors that reach your sales or other goals. We can help you every step of the way, from exposure to conversion.

Keeping Your Business Ahead of the Competition

Our highly experienced team of SEO specialist is always at the forefront of the newest technologies and information, allowing our clients to receive an edge over the competition.

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We are the best SEO company in Toronto!


In some cases, finding yourself at the top of Google is a nightmare scenario – online reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy.

Failing to manage how your name appears online may lead to an undesirable one that is difficult to correct. Although everyone has encountered bad situations, you do not need to hold onto a bad reputation your entire career.

Working with a professional partner such as SEO Toronto means that you can rest assured that our expert team can either erase these marks or move them several pages further down the search, so you can strengthen your web reputation.


For most businesses with an online presence, organic traffic is the main key to success.

Some SEO guys push the process of backlinking without bothering to comply with Google’s guidelines. Problems can arise in this situation if a website becomes victim to cyber attack or is receiving bad external links. The consequence: your website can be penalized and lose its position for several keywords, and lots of organic traffic.

In order to treat the problem at its source and allow your traffic to come back after a Google penalty, we have a specific plan to ensure our success.


Want your site at the top of Google?

It is well known that search engine rankings generate substantial profits. Our clients understand the value of proper SEO systems, which is why they come to us to develop a strong presence on the Internet and to avoid being left behind by competition.

This is why never stop researching and studying the latest search engine optimization technologies. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent and efficient services, and to that end we have compiled one of the most dynamic and trusted teams among SEO firms serving Canada.


SEO Toronto - A Proven Track Record

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class SEO services to our clients all across Canada. We aim to become a valued collaborator with each client and guide them towards success online.


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The SEO Toronto Process

We employ a strategy that is the result of many years of trial, error and experimentation to offer great SEO services and maintain results for our clients that will last for the long term.

Analyzing Your Website, Backlinks, Traffic & Competitors

Before we begin the process, we perform a full analysis of every important metric so we can understand your current online SEO marketing strategies and those used by your competition.

Scaling the Process, Launching Your SEO Campaign & Managing the Start

To launch your campaign, we take into account your budget, as well as the type and quantity of content that you must create to acheive the desired increase in SEO ranking.

Thinking & Creating a Customized SEO Campaign With Clear Goals

A customized SEO campaign is created to achieve your specific marketing goals. We utilize systems that will detect leads and sales initiated and finalized by free organically generated traffic.

Monitoring Results, Creating Reports That Are Easy to Understand & Making Improvements

Keyword ranking improvements and goals are closely monitored, while data and feedback is used continuously to develop and improve upon the SEO campaign over time.


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