Website Analysis for Toronto Business is Trending

It all begins with looking at the web site you have now. We’ll analyze your site to see whether it requires attention to optimize it. We’ll look at the parts of the site that the public doesn’t see, including the coding for headings and search engine descriptions. We’ll look at your web site design to ensure that it is serving your needs and providing the kind of web experience that your customers will find useful. We’ll look at the content on your site to determine what needs to be changed or added. We’ll also look at the keywords that are currently incorporated in your site’s content and determine whether they are working for you. Through keyword analysis we’ll select keywords and keyword phrases that reflect what customers use to find what you have to sell.

We’ll do a comprehensive analysis of your web site

The first thing we at SEO Web do with any new client is to conduct a full and detailed analysis of that company’s web site. This assumes, of course that they aren’t creating a site for the first time.

We look at a number of elements of each site to determine whether they are working as effectively as they should be. We’ll look at the positive points, ones that are contributing positively to your site’s rankings, and the negative ones, ones that are holding you back in some way. Then we well devise a strategy to get your site functioning at the highest level possible.

Before we can begin any meaningful analysis of any site, we have to fully understand the business environment that the company functions within. We have to fully research the industry and target consumer groups. We also have to look at who your competitors are. Where are they strong? What can you do to beat them?

Once we have completely researched your business and your competitors, we’ll look at how your site is helping you to achieve your sales goals.

We’ll begin this detailed analysis by looking to ensure that each and every page on your company’s site has relevant, well-written, and optimized content. Your site’s home page, for example, is the first page that any potential customer will see. It is imperative that this page not only convey the kind of professionalism that you want associated with your business but also that it provide all the reasons the consumer needs to do business with you.

It should sell your products and services, but it should do so in a way that conveys the image that suits your business. It should provide a call to action (encouraging consumers to make the decision to buy) as well as offering them all the information that they need to make that decision.

Other pages can provide more detailed descriptions of products or services as well as information about the industry in general. This is where business blogs can be very useful. They can provide valuable information that other sites will want to link to. And these natural links will help build the strength of the site.

Of course any company that has a domain that has been in existence for a number of years will have an easier time getting that site to rank with search engines. But even new domain addresses can be optimized for fantastic search engine rankings.

We’ll look at the use of headings, descriptions, and other features that influence rankings to ensure that they are providing the optimal value. We’ll examine the coding of the site to ensure that cutting edge search engine optimization techniques are being employed.

In our analysis we will also look at whether the keywords your site is emphasizing are working for you. We’ll evaluate whether you are targeting local search results or whether you are focusing on broader geographical markets.

Once our analysis of your site is complete, we’ll show you a strategy that we are confident will get your site to the top of page one.

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