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SEO Toronto aims to provide value addition and cost savings by managing your SEO efficiently and effectively, so that your website sees a growth in traffic, leads and business.

When your SEO is managed by our experienced team of professionals you gain the benefits of:

  • Keywords subtly weaved into your content so it is both visitor and search engine friendly.

  • Analysis of your site links to build effective strategies for backlinks to boost its authority.

  • SEO management to meet all the changing requirements of the search engines.

  • Access to reports and analytics so you can see the success live in real time.

  • High rankings that will drive qualified, ready to buy visitors to your site.

The best Toronto SEO 4 point strategy gets higher rankings

International SEO

Our free analysis helps us understand your business and brand better so as to ensure that we create a web marketing campaign to reach global customers. The campaign will focus on your strengths and the benefits that the potential customers will gain out of your business.

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Grow Site Conversion

Our strategy for improved page load time and explanatory videos on your website will drastically improve the conversion rate of leads into potential customers taking action or initiating interest in your business.

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Increase Traffic

Our focus on keywords, content and off-page signals will ensure that your revamped website has an upsurge of traffic. We will also ensure that your website will assuredly land up on Page 1 of any major search engines’ search, thereby increasing traffic to your website.

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Ecommerce SEO

Our combination of strategies, techniques and tactics will consistently ensure that your website gets a high ranking result on Page 1 in all major search engine searches. Our use of keyword search, competitor research, identification of common site issues, site load times and social media interaction will all contribute to growing your ecommerce website.

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SEO Toronto Offers you the Best of Services

Efficient and effective web site design and SEO campaign will lead to increase in business and profits.




  • Quality of content as per Google Panda algorithm with special focus on word count, user generated content and ensuring that there is no negative Panda effect

  • Link quality as per Google Penguin with special focus on incoming links and review of backlinks in case of suspicion of negative Panda activity. Assessing link quality and analysis of links from assumed authentic sites, checking out promotional links and subsequent link removals.

  • Superior keyword search and content analysis to reach your target audience.

  • Increased traffic due to our SEO strategy and increase in calls, leads and business.

  • Inclusion of reviews, Google maps and directions and ratings, in case of local business.

  • Effective use of social media campaign to boost leads and ultimately sales and business.

  • Performance monitoring and reporting on current status and comparison to the past.

  • Continual improvement by performance analysis of the website.


We start our work by understanding the brand and business using the free analysis. The logical next step is to identify the requirements of the customer. Then we devise the appropriate strategy that would work for the customer. Regular metrics gathering and analysis then allows us to tweak the strategy to better the performance.


Website analysis and detailed understanding of the current scenario

Our first step is to understand the current state of your business and your expectations and future targets. We will also study your competitors and market in which you operate and target to operate.

Website design and SEO strategy

Our next step is to use our expertise to redesign your website and devise a superior SEO strategy to help grow your business.

Performance tracking and analysis

Once the new website and the SEO has been launched, we will continuously monitor the site performance and gather all relevant metrics for subsequent analysis.

Tweaking the campaign

Based on the performance analysis, as a reach towards continual improvement, we would suggest if the campaign needs to be tweaked or improved.