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You can receive a free in-depth analysis of the ways your website is performing well and the ways where there is room for improvement. All you have to do is enter the URL of any landing page or blog post along with the keyword phrase you are looking to target and we will provide you with a report that will help you to create an action plan for online business success.

How to understand the information in this free report

To make any website work effectively in helping you to reach your business goals, it is necessary that all the elements are working together. The report that we will provide to you will contain all the essential information to ensure your site is fully optimized.

The speed of your site

Something that is often underemphasized in the ranking of any website is the speed at which it functions. Search engines want to offer strong results quickly, so it’s essential that each page of your site load as quickly as possible. Improving the speed your site loads is easily achieved, and this can be monitored to ensure the speed is maintained.

The structure of your URLs

Proper structure that is not unnecessarily complicated is important for both the users of your site and for search engines like Google. In this part of your free report, we look at how your site uses keywords, how the domain ranks against the other top-level ones, among other elements.

Elements on each page

The report will provide a number of details of page elements that you can change. For example, Title Tags are the links that users will click on to go to your site. They have to attract users and contain relevant keywords. Meta Descriptions don’t affect ranking directly but they do affect conversion. If you don’t provide effective and relevant text, the search engines will select text from what is there. And Image Optimizations are important because images are extremely valuable tools for attracting users to your site.

Five important terms used in the report

The importance of keywords to search results has changed over the years. Search engines now look for relevant terms in addition to keywords. If the words on your page that are used most often don’t indicate how relevant the content is then further keyword analysis is likely required.

Header tags: Headers can be used to show users what your page contains. These include H1, H2, and H3 headers that are used to create the correct format.

Analysis of Your Copy: the quality of the copy you use on your website is very important for rankings. The copy has to be readable in addition to containing relevant keywords. Strong content brings you users who will become future customers. With the right content you gain shares on social media, links, and high search engine rankings.

Analysis of Your Code: code that is not fully optimized can really slow down results for your website. Your free report will look at your schema markup, your HTML code, whether you use Flash, and other coding elements.

Social Media Analysis: we will evaluate how many shares your pages and your domain are receiving on social media platforms. To determine whether your content is being shared by visitors to your website and how to boost this, we have a number of proven techniques you can use.

Mobile Users: the number of searches being done on mobile devices is now greater than on home computers for the first time ever. This is why websites now have to be friendly to mobile devices. And sites that are mobile friendly gain extra value from search engines.

Analysis of Your Page Links and Root Domain Links: links, both external and internal are keys to building strong search rankings. In our analysis we look at link both to your website and coming from your site. And further power is derived from links to authoritative sites, because those boost the trustworthiness and authority of your site. The report will provide regular scores to show you how your site ranks for all page and domain links.

Analysis of Your Domain: we understand how elements like the age of your domain can affect how it ranks on search engines. This and other factors like the domain name are considered in our analysis of your domain.

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